28 People Share Their Unspoken Rule Everyone Should Follow

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There are tons of unstated societal rules we should all follow, let us know which you think everyone should read and abide by.

  • 1. Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze

    From Redditor u/Ph6r60h:

    Cover your mouth when you sneeze, apparently people don't know this

    19 votes
  • 2. Don't Peer Pressure Someone Into Drinking

    From Redditor u/slowent:

    If someone says they’re not drinking tonight, don’t make them feel bad or imply they are being boring

    19 votes
  • 3. Move Out Of The Way

    From Redditor u/ God_69_lel:

    Don't block the footpaths. If you're waiting for something, move off it to the side. We're not obligated to walk around you because you have an ego.

    17 votes
  • 4. Let Someone Know They're On Speaker

    From Redditor u/blueshiftglass:

    Let people know when you have them on speakerphone!

    Especially when your husband/wife/partner/friend/any other human is within earshot.

    17 votes
  • 5. Don't Order The Most Expensive Item

    From Redditor u/Emerald_Elf134:

    If someone is paying for your food, don’t order something expensive.

    17 votes
  • 6. Stop Going Through People's Phones

    From Redditor u/Sensitive_Suspect_69:

    When someone hands you their phone to use, don't f**king go through it. It's rude.

    14 votes