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Underappreciated Movie Sidekicks Who Do All The Work

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Throughout the history of cinema, there is no shortage of incredible heroes who are showered with praise for their keen senses and bold spirit. However, for many of these heroes, none of what they accomplished would have been possible without their sidekick keeping them alive and solving all their problems for little to none of the glory.

Often relegated in people's minds to the role of comic relief or glorified assistant, the all-important sidekick doesn't just tag along with the hero while riding their coattails. In fact, it's frequently the opposite. How many times would Frodo have perished long before getting the One Ring to Mount Doom if not for his faithful sidekick Samwise? Would Batman have been able to fight crime without Lucius Fox's brilliant tech? Indiana Jones would have flat-out succumbed to a contaminant if not for Sallah's impressive food-catching reflexes.

Whether it's rescuing the hero from the clutches of evil, working behind the scenes to solve impossible puzzles that the hero couldn't have ever solved by themselves, or giving them the motivation and emotional support to persevere when the hero had all but given up on themselves and their adventure, here's a look at some of the greatest underappreciated sidekicks in movies.

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