18 Crazy Stories From The Days When Kids Could Run Around Unsupervised

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Childhood was different in days gone by. Technology was different. Neighborhoods were different. Parenting was different. As a result, a lot of kids were going around unsupervised and getting themselves into situations they're luckly they survived. These folks hopped on the Reddit forum r/AskReddit to answer the question: "What unsupervised childhood activities did you participate in, that probably should have killed you?" Posts have been lightly edited for language and clarity.

Photo: Reddit / Pixabay

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    Brake Fluid And Chlorine

    From Redditor u/Narcslayer714

    My greatest discovery at around 12 years old was finding out brake fluid and chlorine for the pool combust when mixed. Soon, my friends and I were doing all kinds of crazy [stuff] with the mixture. The best was driving a pipe into the ground a few feet long and putting the chlorine and brake fluid in there and watching the dragon fire shoot out the pipe. It's not an immediate reaction, kind of a slow burn 'til it bursts into a furious hellfire.

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    Tree Riding

    From Redditor u/Babydontcomeback

    Tree riding. Climb a tree and have your friends cut it down. We would have contests to see who would climb the highest. I won more than once. I cannot fathom how I nor anyone else was not seriously hurt, never mind killed.

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    Before Paintball

    From Redditor u/time2downshift

    Before paintball, we only had BB guns to shoot at one another. Needless to say, there weren’t any fancy face masks or other protective gear.

    From Redditor u/bagpiper

    Forty years later, my parents were finally told the story of me using a pocket knife to remove the BB embedded in my kid brothers butt cheek.

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    Roller Blades + Roof + Trampoline

    From Redditor u/Melrob17

    I used to rollerblade off the roof and onto the trampoline. It hurts to think about it now. I'm still shocked I never got hurt!

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    While The Neighbors Slept

    From Redditor u/magicmoonflower

    Back in the old days, when folks didn’t lock doors, my dumb a** used to go in my neighbors houses and wander about while they slept. Then I’d get scared and leave. Very dangerous as a 6-year-old young lady.

    It was 1994, my parents were asleep, and I was stealthy. It was maybe the same four to five “family” houses on my block and I never got caught. I have many angels.

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    Scare The Bears

    From Redditor u/Katy-L-Wood

    My cousins and I, from the time we were toddlers, were just sent out into the forest in the morning with nothing but whistles to “scare the bears.” One time I chased a bear.

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