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20 Movie 'Deaths' That No One Bought For A Second

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There are many movies out there that see one of the main characters bite it for dramatic effect. The MCU, the DCEU, Disney, and classic action films are all guilty of doing this. There are even some instances in which these characters are brought back within the same movie, either because they were never really gone or because there's some divine intervention that allows them to be resurrected in some way.

However, in some of these cases, due to the character's popularity or how integral they are to the movie as a whole, audiences aren’t overly surprised when the individual "rises from the grave." This list examines those resurrected movie characters you knew were never going to stay down for long. Vote up the most obvious characters who came back from the dead.

  • In the second act of Back to the Future Part II, we see Marty McFly in an alternate 1985 where Hill Valley is now somewhat of a dystopian, crime-ridden city - and pretty much ruled by his arch-nemesis, Biff Tannen. 

    Their final showdown sees Marty on the roof of Biff’s Trump-esque tower looking down the barrel of a pistol. But rather than give Biff the satisfaction, Marty chooses to step off the roof and plunge to his fate.

    Despite this dramatic gesture, the audience is confident that Marty has an ace up his sleeve. So, even though Marty emerges atop the flying DeLorean looking cool as hell - before Doc Brown decks Biff with the car door - we still kinda saw it coming. 

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  • Technically, this character isn’t brought back within the same movie, but given that this isn’t just any character - it’s CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (Johnny Depp) - it’s definitely worth a mention. Plus, the end of the movie pretty much tells you this is going to be the case.

    In the final act, when Jack’s ship is ensnared by the mighty Kraken, Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) cuffs him to his own ship and makes her getaway with the rest of the crew. But, even though we see Jack go out in a blaze (or blade in this case) of glory as he enters the Kraken's gargantuan mouth, we know he’ll make it out somehow.

    Thanks to the voodoo witchery of Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris) in the sequel (At World's End), it isn't long before Jack has escaped from Davy Jones' Locker.

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  • This climax of The Avengers sees Tony Stark proving Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) wrong by not thinking about himself. Instead, he sacrifices himself by taking a nuke away from the people of New York, through a portal and into the depths of space, taking out the enemy in the process.

    Though he's caught by the Hulk before plummeting to his doom, all seems lost for the unconscious Stark. But we don't really buy it for a second. This guy kicked off the MCU and we’d only just been given our first Avengers movie. Thankfully, he's scared back into consciousness by the Hulk's mighty roar. 

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  • Indiana Jones is one of the all-time greatest action heroes, and in the third installment of the Indy franchise, Dr. Jones is once again going up against the villains of the Third Reich. At the conclusion of the second act, Jones (riding a tank) goes over a cliff edge and falls to his doom... or so we think.

    Given that the series follows the action hero laws of physics, and there's still a third of the movie to go, viewers should not be surprised when Indy manages to get to safety at the last minute. Thankfully, his hat survives the fall, too.

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