15 Stereotypes About Canada That Are Totally False, According To Canadians

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Canadians: vote up the stereotypes and cliches you're sick of debunking.

Being a stereotype isn't always as bad as it sounds. But Canadians are sick and tired of these assumptions about Canada, even if some of them are positive. Check out the list and vote up the Canadian stereotypes Canadian and cliches that are completely inaccurate.

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    The Capital City Is So Boring

    From Redditor u/shawarman:

    Everyone thinks of Ottawa as buttoned-down and kind of boring, but it's not. It's safe, pleasant, and pretty. 

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    "Canadian" And "Nice" Are Synonymous

    From Redditor u/swampswing:

    I hate the whole niceness myth. The best representation of Canadians I have seen on tv is the final episode of King of the Hill, where the Canadians are very polite but otherwise smug and self-righteous.

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    Everyone Says "Oout" And "Aboot"

    From Redditor u/n0ahbody:

    When Americans find out you're Canadian, they start going "oot and aboot! Oot and aboot! hahahah!" We don't talk like that. We just pronounce the 'u' in 'out' and also in 'about'. Americans say them like 'aowt' and 'abaowt'. They're the ones saying it wrong, not us.

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    Everyone Lives In Igloos

    From Redditor u/sleepingsysadmin:

    That we live in igloos. Clearly, there are homeless people in Canada.

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    Everyone Says "Eh"

    From Redditor u/TheShadOBhind:

    Canadian Army is a bunch of snowmen and we say “eh”. Nobody I know says “eh”.

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    Northern Ontario Is Full Of Useless Hicks

    From Redditor u/dvorakkidd:

    Being from Northern Ontario, we're all a bunch of useless hicks who might as well live in Manitoba.

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