15 Stereotypes About Los Angeles That Are Totally False, According To Californians

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Locals: vote up the stereotypes and cliches you're sick of debunking.

Los Angeles may be a major tourist destination, but for all its popularity, there are still plenty of prevailing false stereotypes. Locals are sharing the untrue LA stereotypes they're tired of hearing from tourists.

Read on to find out about all the false Los Angeles stereotypes and maybe even unlearn some biases.

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    It's A Superficial Place

    From Redditor u/Count_Von_Roo:

    How superficial it was. I had a childhood friend come visit last year. They had never considered seeing LA, but "maybe San Francisco" because to them that seemed more genuine and down-to-earth.

    Well, turns out they absolutely loved it here and, I've gotta give them credit, admitted to passing judgment before visiting.

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    Everyone Works In The Entertainment Industry

    From Redditor u/redstarjedi:

    That everyone is in the entertainment industry. A lot, sure, but does it entirely define the Los Angeles area? No.

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    Everyone Is Fake-Nice

    From Redditor u/such_isnt_life:

    That everyone here is fake nice. False! Angelenos are actually, honestly, very polite and nice. It's just the outsiders who have a hard time believing someone could be [truly] this polite.

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    Everyone Is Stuck-Up Or Entitled

    From Redditor u/sfthrowaway0:

    That everyone is stuck-up and/or entitled. I would say that there are some people like that for sure (especially in certain areas), but honestly, there’s a lot of humble, hard-working people trying to make it in an expensive city.

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    There Are Famous People Everywhere

    From Redditor u/El_gato_picante:

    We see famous people in our day-to-day. It happens, just not as often as people make it seem.

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    Everyone Is A Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Surfer

    From a former Redditor:

    I’d say probably the blond, blue-eyed surfer stereotype is the least true.

    LA is such a diverse place and a majority of us are from Latin America. [Editor's note: According to recent US Census figures, 52.1% of the Los Angeles population is white; 48.5% is Hispanic or Latino.]

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