15 Stereotypes About The UK That Are Totally False, According To Locals

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Locals: vote up the stereotypes and cliches you're sick of debunking.

Have you ever felt annoyed by a false stereotype? These assumptions about the UK have locals seething. It's time to debunk some UK cliches. Check the list and vote up!

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    Everyone Has Bad Teeth

    From Redditor u/stocksy:

    The teeth thing. It's not true anymore - as a whole, British people have some of the best dental health in the world. Secondly, although it was true in the past, I don't think it's very funny to make fun of people for health problems caused by malnutrition and austerity.

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    Nobody Can Speak Other Languages

    From Redditor u/Ch1pp:

    The stereotype is that we can't speak anything in a foreign language. I was in Spain and went to a bar to order two beers (dos cervezas) and the barman just leaned over and tapped a sign that said "English order in English." Then they'll whinge that we just talk loudly and slowly...

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    British Funerals Play Rock Music

    From Redditor u/abacababba:

    Not one I hate because it’s hilarious and should definitely be encouraged. I was once asked by an American if it’s true that it’s traditional at British funerals to play Mr. Brightside.

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    Everything British Is "English"

    From Redditor u/HyrQeil:

    Everything British being called "English". Especially accents.

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    England = The UK

    From Redditor u/CurtCx:

    That England is the UK.

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    There's Only One Accent

    From Redditor u/teath123:

    Painting us all as having one 'posh' accent, or the other end of the spectrum. The UK might be small but we have so many different accents over hundreds of years of history. An American straight away understands different states have different dialects, so why should we be different?

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