21 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas for the Non-Conformist

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Vote up the weirdest and most ridiculous Christmas trees, the ones that make you rethink your entire holiday decorating plans.

Not everyone decks the halls in style. Hey... there can only be one Martha Stewart, right? Individuality is important, but can we all agree that nothing throws a wet blanket on the Yuletide stoked hearth of the soul like a poorly envisioned, haphazardly slapped together, Christmas tree? These super weird and unusual, but oddly creative Christmas tree ideas will confound, confuse, and amaze you. 

Consider this collection of holiday photos a cautionary tale for your Christmas tree decorating endeavors. There's just no good explanation for any of these trees (other than maybe Godzilla tree). They're creative Christmas trees, but not necessarily in a good way. Some are just plain weird. Check out the ho-ho-horrendous Christmas trees that made us go "huh?" and vote for the most creative, yet most awkward and strange, ideas.

  • 1. This Adorkable Library Book Tree

    This Adorkable Library Book Tree
    Photo: Imgur
    295 votes
  • 2. This Tree For The Nostalgic Gamer

    277 votes
  • 3. This Rubber Glove Tree

    This Rubber Glove Tree
    Photo: u/jacks_human / Reddit
    283 votes
  • 4. This Hub Cap Tree

    This Hub Cap Tree
    Photo: Pinterest
    240 votes
  • 5. This Egg Carton Tree

    This Egg Carton Tree
    Photo: Pinterest
    207 votes
  • 6. This Godzilla Tree

    This Godzilla Tree
    Photo: u/SKDraklan / Reddit
    255 votes