Weird History

Unusual Deaths: Bizarre Deaths During The Middle Ages

Similar to the strange deaths that took place during the Renaissance, a number of bizarre perishments occurred during the Middle Ages including some of the most unusual ways of passing imaginable. Though many are disputed — and why wouldn't they be as they are pretty out there to say the least — these stories could not be made up.

There are plenty of strange ways to pass, and these might be the strangest ways of all. For example, take the unfortunate soul that allegedly combined a wicked case of indigestion with uncontrollable laughter. Then we have a ruler who perished when molten silver was poured into his eyes, ears, and throat.

Plenty of gluttons made the list as well, including one who enjoyed his favorite meal so much that it was his demise and another who was not only reportedly drowned in a vat of liquor but also had his corpse shipped in a barrel of brandy because he loved the bottle so much.

Think strange deaths are just in the 21st century? Think again! As these tales show, people have been passing from all sorts of unheard of ways for centuries.