People Are Revealing The Weird Interactions With Strangers That They Still Think About

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The world can be a strange place filled with even stranger people. These stories of weird encounters with random strangers are just a glimpse into the total weirdness the world has to offer. Vote up the strangest interactions!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of this AskReddit posted by u/confoozulment.

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    Hold This Baby Please

    From Redditor u/olivebean217:

    I was around 16 (F) at the time and at the mall with my two guy friends. We split up in the food court and while I was aimlessly walking around trying to pick out food, someone bumped into me from behind. 

    I assumed it was my friends but as I turned, I was handed a BABY from a man I’ve never met. He then backed away towards a woman and they started laughing. It looked like she was taking pictures of me with her phone. 

    They spoke in a language I didn’t recognize and kept backing up further away while looking at me and laughing almost as if trying to make me follow them. All the while I’m holding a strange baby in the middle of the mall food court too stunned to move. 

    After what felt like hours but was maybe a minute or so, my friends walked over to me very confused and why I had a baby. Before I could even utter a word, the man and woman ran over, took the baby and left. 

    11 years later I still have no explanation.


    TL;DR: I was at a mall food court when someone bumped into me. I assumed it was my friend but when I turned around a strange man handed me a baby. He began talking to a woman in another language while she appeared to take pictures of me. When my friends arrived and asked why I had the baby. The man swooped in, took the baby and left. Still no explanation.

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    The Witches Finally Arrive

    From Redditor u/VolcanicDoorway:

    On a two month trip to Costa Rica with one of my besties. Another friend was meeting us about 2 weeks in.

    When we first arrived in San Jose, we stayed for a few days. Started going to this tiny piano bar. There was this Jamaican man there every time we went, and he would stare at us the whole time we were there. No smile, no hello, just hours long staring.

    We soon set off to a different locale for almost 2 weeks and returned to San Jose to meet up with our friend. That night, we took her to the piano bar and our buddy was there. As usual.

    So we had a few drinks and caught up. We were all holding hands on the table, and dude comes over, says something under his breath in a different language. He then puts his hand over ours, and says, "The third witch has finally arrived" and threw some John the Conqueror root in the ashtray on out table, then left.

    We came back to San Jose a couple more times before we left, and that guy always seemed to find us. 2 nights he followed us around town. Kinda freaky.


    TL;DR: A friend and I were waiting in Costa Rica for another friend. When our friend arrived, we went to a bar where a man kept staring at us and called up “witches”. Every night we went out after, we'd see him. It was weird.

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    Trying To Enter My Hotel Room

    From Redditor u/darkest_irish_lass:

    Going into my hotel room. (This was a sh*t hotel, I was low on money and just needed somewhere to stay for a couple of nights).

    On the phone with my husband, a guy walks up to me as I'm pulling out my key card. He gestures at himself and the door, in a 'can I come in' kind of way.

    I say "No" and look at him, he keeps standing there, then he goes a few steps away. I stupidly think we're done and open the door and he moved forward to come in with me. I slam the door without entering and book it down the stairs to the front reception desk.

    If I hadn't been on the phone, distracted and tired, I would never have let him get so close to me. What could have happened but didn't? Just so strange.


    TL;DR: I was trying to enter my hotel room when a man standing by me motioned as if asking if he could come in. I said no, but when I opened the door he started coming towards me. I slammed the door shut and went to the front desk.

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    A Random Birthday Wish

    From Redditor u/SigurVid:

    Just arrived at a music festival in the Faroe Islands back in 2005 with my friends and this girl I'd never seen before leaps around my neck, gives me a kiss on the cheek and wishes me a happy birthday before running off into the night check my phone and its literally just struck midnight on my 21st birthday.

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    Face To Face With Wolverine

    From Redditor u/rabiddutchman

    In Portland OR I was walking into the Pearl District around 7:00am, I was the only one walking on my side of the street and a guy walking the other way on the other side crossed over and came right up to me

    I took my headphones out when I saw him coming and thought 'oh this can't be good' and then he asks me very intensely, “DO YOU LIKE THE X-MAN WOLVERINE?”

    Took me by surprise but I answered "uh, yeah?" and he extended his hand to shake and said, “HI I'M WOLVERINE.”

    This was a clean shaved blonde white dude, about 6'1" 150 pounds with busted up knuckles, and while he was presenting as friendly he was not trying to make a joke about his identity. He believed what he was saying. 

    So I just rolled with it and said, "Oh cool man, good to meet you. Yeah, I didn't recognize you without the costume." We talked for a second and then I did the I-have-to-go stutter walk thing and as I left I told him to watch out for Magneto.


    TL;DR: I was walking one morning when a man came up to me claiming, and sincerely believing, he was Wolverine. I didn't want to make a joke, so I went with it. We talked for a bit and when I left I told him to watch out for Magneto.

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    Thousands Of Miles From Home

    From Redditor u/krisalyssa:

    I’m in a restaurant in Washington DC, a thousand miles from home. It’s my first time in the District, I’m eating alone, so I decide to sit at the bar instead of taking up a table. 

    A man my age sits down next to me, somehow we get to talking, and long story short, my mom was one of his mom’s bridesmaids and I’m named after his grandfather.

    TL;DR: I was thousands of miles from home eating alone at the bar when a man my age sits next to me. We start talking and it turns out my mom was his mom's bridesmaid and I'm named after his grandfather.