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The Most Unusual Murder Weapons Ever Used

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Even though the most used modern murder weapon is the handgun, people all over the world are still finding new and inventive ways to kill people on the fly. Usually, during a crime of passion, a person will use whatever they can find nearby in an attack. This list of unusual weapons, ranging from a jump rope to a banjo, will make you think twice about what kind of items you keep around your house.

Crazy weapons can take any form, but the objects used as weapons on this list are things that just happened to be within arm’s reach when the murderer decided that they wanted to go from citizen to inmate. Take a look at this list of the most unusual murder weapons ever used and see how many of them you have sitting around your house.

As you’ll see, everyday items can transform into weird weapons at the drop of a hat. The stories on this list are full of things that were just sitting there, waiting to cook an egg or hold up a pair of pants, when they were suddenly turned into murder weapons and used to beat someone to death. It’s terrible news when any type of violence occurs, but it’s interesting to see just how quickly objects can be turned against us.

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  • Banjo

    In 1991, a 63-year-old man from West Milton, Ohio, beat his wife to her demise with two banjos, according to The Baltimore Sun

    Miami County Chief Deputy Charles Price said, "She was beaten with a banjo in the head. When it was destroyed, a second banjo was used."

  • Microwave

    Although it sounds like a bizarre urban legend, this sad story is all too true. In 2007, China Arnold, a woman from Dayton, Ohio, was charged with slaying her infant child by placing the baby in her microwave.

  • Pumpernickel Bread

    In 1988, a man with the most English name ever, Reginald Hemsley-Doddingdale, perished. He was found with a massive lump on the back of his head. It's believed he was slain by someone wielding a piece of pumpernickel bread, which was lying near the body.

    An investigator from Scotland Yard was quoted as saying, "Worse case of pumpernickeling I've ever seen."

  • Jump Rope

    In 2007, a 5-year-old girl named Monique Fulgham was found assaulted and hanging in her bedroom closet by a jump rope.

    Investigators found that neither the girl's mother nor her grandmother were home, and her 70-year-old neighbor said no men lived in the apartment at the time.