The Most Ridiculously Specific Colognes And Perfumes You Can Buy

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These weird perfume scents will have people asking, “What’s that smell?” Call them anti-perfumes, oddly familiar scents, or even all-out crazy. But believe it or not, there is a market for colognes and perfumes that smell like tarnish, funeral homes, and even holy water. 

Many of these scents are unisex and some even cost hundreds of dollars for a small bottle. Why would anyone pay that kind of money to smell like condensed milk or an old library? For starters, some folks may actually like the odor of sweetened milk. For others, these odd scents are eccentric conversation-starters that are sure to draw attention because they may seem recognizable and perhaps even comforting. 

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    Dark Ride

    Dark Ride
    Photo: Xyrena

    Xyrena has developed a perfume specifically tailored to people who love water rides. The scent of Dark Ride has that token hint of chlorinated water and mildew that will remind water ride fans of their time spent on Splash Mountain or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

    One verified buyer reviewed the product and could not believe how much the scent brought them back to the amusement park: 

    I read the reviews and was sucked in by the thought that this parfum would smell like the scent I have been chasing for years. Lots of possibilities from other companies, VERY few actual hits. Then I finally received my sample of Dark Ride. As soon as I opened the sample bottle I was sent INSTANTLY to the ride and the amazing smell in the queue. I can’t stop smelling the parfum.

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    Photo: Demeter

    Can one manufacture the smell of childhood? Demeter has tried with its Play-Doh fragrance, which they claim smells like opening a new can of the iconic children's modeling clay. The product launched to celebrate Play-Doh's 50th anniversary. 

    This verified buyer concurs that the fragrance does, in fact, smell exactly like the beloved childhood toy: 

    This is happiness in a bottle for me.
    I use it whenever I feel like smiling and feeling light and youthful.
    At times it smells exactly like a newly opened container of Play-Doh and at others it has a sweet candle-wax like scent.

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    Room 237

    Bruno Fazzolari pays homage to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece The Shining with his fragrance Room 237. In the film, a woman named Mrs. Massey goes to the Overlook Hotel in order to embark on an affair. However, her young lover takes her Porshe and splits town. The heartbroken Mrs. Massey offs herself in the green room's bathtub. Years later, young Danny Torrance walks into the room and discovers a beautiful young woman in the tub. When he goes to kiss her, she becomes an old, decrepit corpse.

    Fazzolari's Eau de Parfum Room 237 has a soapy, plastic smell. Its notes are derived from angelica, fleabane, estragon, costus, opopanax, and olibanum.

    One reviewer remarks how she didn't like the scent at first but ultimately changed her mind: 

    The most apt name for this perfume. It opens with an overwhelming granny floral, which disappointed me at first. However, much like the dead woman in room 237 it began to reveal its true form, a rubbery, synthetic musk that makes me think of sterile operating rooms, new vinyl car seats and light green surgical gowns. It is such a strange but gorgeous scent, so ethereal and dreamlike in an "I've always been here" kind of way.

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    The fragrance Covfefe was inspired by a 2017 tweet from President Trump: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe."

    After the president's tweet went viral, both Trump and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that the typo was intentional. The word "covfefe" is now meant to denote social media mistakes made by public figures.

    The scent makers of Covfefe admit that, like the word, the perfume's fragrance does not make sense: "This perfume makes no f*cking sense: orange marshmallow cream, bitter lemon, black pepper, orange carnation, and gin." All proceeds from the perfume oil are donated to the ACLU.

    One reviewer commented on the fragrance's orange scent:

    It really is a shame this one is limited. The obvious scent is orange, but it’s not overly sweet, thanks to the other notes that come into play. I’m trying to put my finger on what it reminds me of, and all I can think of is something from my childhood - which is perfect... Enjoy.

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    Funeral Home

    Funeral Home
    Photo: Demeter

    The perfume makers at Demeter aim to create scents that change the way people feel through their perfumes. Funeral Home smells like a variety of white flowers: lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums. There is even a hint of mahogany in its fragrance.

    A verified buyer described Funeral Home's flora smell:

    Oh my good golly gumdrops I love this scent!!! It's very nice, true to life, floral scent with light mahogany undertones. It's interesting though because me and my boyfriend both thought the prevailing scent was floral (we're both young 20's) but his mother and my grandma smelled the mahogany over any other smell.

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    Leukophobia is the fear of the color white. The makers of the perfume oil Leukophobia remind people:

    The holiday season is a source of joy for many - frolicking in the snow, decking the halls, stringin’ up lights, belting out carols. It is a time for family and good cheer, jolly men in furry red suits, and tales of merriment and miracles.

    For others, it is a source of pure terror.

    The fragrance's scent is derived from musk and dry white tea leaf. 

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