14 MCU Moments No One Asked For (Or Wanted)

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"Give the audience what they want" is a timeless entertainment idiom. The Marvel Cinematic Universe delivers on this plenty of times throughout the franchise, from frames that mimic famous comic book covers to epic, canonical moments like Captain America wielding Thor's hammer.

There are, however, plenty of moments in the MCU that nobody asked for - things that have left dedicated fans and casual viewers alike scratching their heads and asking, "What did I just see?" For example, while it's easy to acknowledge that Thor is quite the hunk, why is it that Jane Foster absolutely falls all over herself most of the time she's in his presence? Similarly, why were Bruce Banner and Black Widow briefly a thing in Age of Ultron? Other strange moments focus more on details and characters that seem to come out of nowhere, like the waitress who gets interviewed on TV at the end of The Avengers. What's her deal and why do we need to hear from her? Of course, one of the biggest mysteries of Marvel in general, which somehow finds its way into the MCU, is the existence of Howard the Duck, who makes small appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame.

We love the MCU, but it has certainly delivered some material we could have done without.