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The Most Ridiculous Unwritten Rules Of Baseball

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Baseball is a game full of rules that the majority of people who follow the game know. It's three strikes and you're out, a home run has to go over the fence (except if it's an inside the park home run, or it's one of those ballparks with the yellow dividing line for home runs on the fence,  or it's Tropicana Field), and there are nine innings, and if it's tied you just keep playing. Actually, baseball is pretty confusing. And just to make it more confusing, baseball has a long list of unwritten rules.

Unwritten rules are basically rules that are supposed to be followed by players, but they are not in any sort of rule book and your team will not be penalized if they are not followed, yet they have somehow developed over time. Many of the rules are centered around respect. You are not supposed run up the score, admire a home run, or steal a base when already ahead by a wide margin. While other unwritten rules are centered around revenge or not to jinx your own team. Most of these rules are ridiculous and outdated, but baseball is a sport rich in tradition and the consequences can be tough if these unwritten rules aren't followed. Vote up this list for which unwritten rules you think are the most ridiculous.     
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    If A Pitcher Hits A Teammate, Hit One Of Theirs

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    This unwritten rule just stands by the old saying, "an eye for an eye." If you hit one of ours, then one of yours is going down as well. This is a ridiculous unwritten rule for many reasons. The main one being that you are throwing a baseball 90 MPH at someone and it has the potential to hurt them and possibly ruin their career.

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    Don't Show Up The Hitter After A Strikeout

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    Another unwritten rule all about respect. Baseball involves a game of emotions, but for some reason, over time the baseball purists decided that everyone must harness their emotions to not make anyone feel bad.  

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    Don't Talk About A No-Hitter In Progress

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    Baseball remains by far the most superstitious sport of any of the major sports. If a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, you will see him in the dugout by himself as no one wants to jinx him. This seems a little ridiculous since sometimes you might want to approach the pitcher about strategy, but this unwritten rule clearly states do not talk to the guy throwing a potential no-hitter.

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    Don't Steal Bases When you Have a Big Lead

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    Baseball is a game all about respect. If someone feels like you are not respecting the game, measures will be taken. This unwritten rule revolves around stealing a base at an unnecessary time. Teams don't like you "showing them up" when it's a blowout and they feel that you should just go base to base when you have a big lead.  
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