Up And Coming Beauty Gurus That Are Somehow Still Flying Under The Radar

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Get ready to spend the next 24 hours or so on a serious binge-watching session. These MUAs to watch are about to become your new go-to YouTubers!

The hottest new beauty gurus offer so much more than just makeup tutorials, though. Newcomer MUAs realize that in order to make lasting impressions, they need to discover what sets them apart. This list covers the up and coming beauty gurus that are serving something different, from wellness enthusiast Kalyn Nicholson (who will have you exercising and journaling your way to inner beauty) to gossip queen HeFlawless (who spills the tea while creating a flawless face). MUAs to watch also include vloggers with a deeper message of inclusivity, like proud Afro-Latina Monica Style Muse and Nyma Tang, who uses her platform to demand a larger shade range from beauty brands.

Once you know these awesome beauty gurus, you'll be able to say, "I followed them way back when!"