Up And Coming Beauty Gurus That Are Somehow Still Flying Under The Radar

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Get ready to spend the next 24 hours or so on a serious binge-watching session. These MUAs to watch are about to become your new go-to YouTubers!

The hottest new beauty gurus offer so much more than just makeup tutorials, though. Newcomer MUAs realize that in order to make lasting impressions, they need to discover what sets them apart. This list covers the up and coming beauty gurus that are serving something different, from wellness enthusiast Kalyn Nicholson (who will have you exercising and journaling your way to inner beauty) to gossip queen HeFlawless (who spills the tea while creating a flawless face). MUAs to watch also include vloggers with a deeper message of inclusivity, like proud Afro-Latina Monica Style Muse and Nyma Tang, who uses her platform to demand a larger shade range from beauty brands.

Once you know these awesome beauty gurus, you'll be able to say, "I followed them way back when!"

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    Nyma Tang

    Nyma Tang
    Video: YouTube

    If you care about beauty industry inclusivity, Nyma Tang is going to be your new favorite beauty blogger. Originally from Sudan and now living in Dallas, TX, Tang creates video content about finding makeup that actually matches her deep skin tone in her series "The Darkest Shade." The series has been a hit with her half a million subscribers, and her fan base is growing like crazy.

    "Showing what the darkest shades look like on my skin tone is important because there aren't a lot of people with my complexion in mainstream media or on YouTube," Tang says. Her videos serve as both reference materials for women with dark skin, and education materials for brands that want to have larger shade ranges. Tang wants to prove that there is a market for shades on both sides of the color spectrum, from super-pale to super-dark. That's worth clicking Subscribe for and her IG pics speak for themselves.

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    Alissa Ashley

    Alissa Ashley
    Video: YouTube

    Beauty blogger Alissa Ashley went viral when she teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jackie Aina to address the limited color range of Tarte Cosmetics' much-anticipated Shape Tape Foundation. But Ashley was hustling long before that video ever aired; she's already amassed over one million YouTube subscribers! 

    Before becoming YouTube famous, Ashley worked at a cosmetics counter in a retail store, but she eventually decided it wasn't for her and started her online channel. Flash forward a few years later and she's creating the products that sell in retail stores, like her lip gloss collaboration with E.l.f. Cosmetics that dropped in October 2017. 

    Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram for professional makeup tips and tricks. You won't regret it, and your makeup game won't either.

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    Alyssa Forever

    Alyssa Forever
    Video: YouTube

    Alyssa Forever (also known as foreverflawlyss) is a YouTube vlogger that creates beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content for her 1.2 million (and counting) subscribers. She covers everything from skincare and makeup tips, to heavier topics like how to handle depression. Basically, anything you want to know, Alyssa Forever can tell you!

    Alyssa keeps it 100% real on her channel. She says, "All the products you see on my channel are things I have tried and truly believe in," which is pretty refreshing for a YouTube star. She also believes in positivity and tells haters to stay away from her content because, "You know God don't like ugly!"

    She has a sense of humor, killer style, and relatable content. You should subscribe and follow her on Insta.

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    Raven Elyse

    Raven Elyse
    Video: YouTube

    Vlogger Raven Elyse is kind of like an everygirl, except she has half a million YouTube subscribers, NBD.

    The millennial style and beauty blogger is a mother and a former fashion designer. After getting her degree in fashion design from the University of Texas, she realized that YouTube vlogging could actually be a job. Her account, where she had been posting DIY clothing tutorials for years, was growing like crazy, so she added makeup and hair tutorials into the mix. Now Ravel Elyse is a full-time vlogger, inspiring her subscribers to find creativity in their own lives.

    Subscribe and follow her on Instagram for access to style DIYs, makeup and hair tutorials, and skincare tips and tricks.

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    Kim Thai

    Kim Thai
    Video: YouTube

    Kim Thai learned how to do her makeup because of YouTube, and now she's paying it forward for her 500K subscribers. Thai actually credits Walmart for inspiring her fascination with makeup at a young age saying, "It was always intriguing to go to Walmart with my mom and indulge in the makeup aisle."

    Thai's makeup game has gotten decidedly more luxe since she started her channel in 2014. She's collaborated with tons of beauty brands like Morphe in the years since. These days, her account is so much more than just makeup tutorials; it includes inspirational content and body positivity, too. She said:

    "I realized quickly that it wasn't only about beauty and makeup, but it was about having a voice. More importantly, I realized that I could use this voice to empower women whether it was about body image, confidence, or saving money on products when you are on a budget."

    Subscribe to get updates on her popular "Save or Splurge" series and follow her on Instagram for beautiful content!

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    Jkissa Makeup

    Jkissa Makeup
    Video: YouTube

    As a child, Jkissa Makeup was teased for her baby doll eyes and forehead, and she became depressed about her appearance. She says she felt like an "ugly duckling." But when she walked into a MAC store at 15, everything changed. Now, she wants to bring that feeling to other young women with her YouTube channel.

    Jkissa has definitely achieved that goal. She has nearly 300K subscribers that tune into her channel for inspirational beauty content on the daily! Follow along with her on Instagram and YouTube for content that helps you feel beautiful on the inside while teaching you how to slay on the outside.

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