The Most Anticipated New Comedy TV Shows Of 2020

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Get ready to laugh in 2020, the upcoming comedy TV shows of 2020 offered sub-genres from fun cartoons to family dramedy and everything in between. From streaming to network, which of the anticipated television comedies were you most excited to see?

There were quite a few TV comedies that are adding to favorite franchises. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier promised buddy comedy fun as a new entry into the MCU. Several upcoming comedies in 2020 were also adaptations of movies, such as Love, Victor and High Fidelity. Both series take the core story or characters from these favorite films and adapt them for the small screen. If sitcoms are where your heart (and laughter) lies, series such as Indebted, Outmatched, and The Kenan Show are all ready to fill your 2020 watchlist. From sci-fi comedies, to comedy horror, animated sitcoms and even new comedy series on Disney+ such as Diary Of A Future President, there were upcoming comedy TV shows for every taste.

For more of the top upcoming comedy TV series that dropped throughout 2020, check out the list below and vote up the shows you couldn't wait to see.