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The Most Anticipated New Comedy TV Shows of 2021

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UPDATED: Check out The Most Anticipated Comedy TV Shows of 2022!

Get ready to laugh with the upcoming comedy shows of 2021. Some of the new comedy TV shows in 2021 were supposed to premiere last year but didn't, making the most anticipated sitcoms and comedies of 2021 even more anticipated. From hilarious additions to the Marvel franchise to fun new sitcoms and even dark comedies, the upcoming comedy series are bringing some much-needed laughter to the new year. From streaming to network, which of the anticipated comedy series are you most excited to see?

There are several straightforward sitcoms due to premiere in 2021. Call Me Kat follows a single woman who spends the money set aside for her wedding on a cat café, and Mr. Mayor is a new sitcom from Tina Fey that follows the titular mayor, Ted Danson, though the charming comedy of errors that is his term of office. WandaVision, on the other hand, is a far less straightforward sitcom than it seems on the surface, offering weirdness and laughs in equal measure. If you like your lols a little darker, then Chucky: The TV Series is ready and waiting to go on your watchlist.

What new comedies and upcoming sitcoms are you looking forward to the most in 2021? Vote up the TV shows you can't wait to watch.

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