The Most Anticipated New Shows On HBO Of 2020

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Only new shows on HBO premiering in 2020.
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These were some of the best and most talked about shows on HBO in 2020. This list of the best new HBO shows is ranked by fans who couldn't wait to see what the Home Box Office is putting out next. Along with channels like Showtime and Starz, cable networks like HBO feature some of the best new shows on TV right now.

HBO already has a reputation for great television shows, but what were the most anticipated HBO shows? The latest Stephen King adaptation, The Outsider, was the first new HBO series in 2020. Another horror series coming to HBO in 2020 (though it had been expected in 2019) is Lovecraft Country. But it wasn’t all horror - this list includes the funny new comedies, thrillers that already have us on edge, and top dramas. There are even science fiction comedies like Avenue 5. Several new HBO shows are based on books, like Gorilla and the Bird. There were also plenty of miniseries in 2020 on HBO, including the limited series The Plot Against America.

What were the best shows that premiered on HBO in 2020? Vote up the best new HBO series you couldn't wait to watch and vote down the shows you won't miss if they're not renewed.