Photo: The Last of Us / HBO

The Most Anticipated New Horror & Thriller TV Shows of 2022

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Get ready to be (delightfully) terrified by the upcoming horror shows of 2022. Some of the new horror TV shows in 2022 have been in production for a long time, making them even more anticipated. And if anticipation is your game, then the best new thriller series of 2022 will have you parked on the edge of your seat. From tense retellings of history's scandals to terrifyingly good adaptations of video games, the upcoming horror and thriller TV series promise both thrills and chills in 2022. From streaming to network, which of the anticipated horror series are you most excited to see?

The deeply beloved franchises of The Last of Us and Interview with the Vampire are bringing their stories to the small screen - vampires and zombies, two classic horror staples given new life alongside other great new 2022 horror series. If tension rather than terror is your preference, then The Old Man and Gaslit are political thrillers that deserve to be on your watchlist.

What new horror and upcoming horror series are you looking forward to the most in 2022? Vote up the TV shows you can't wait to watch.

Photo: The Last of Us / HBO
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