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The Most Anticipated Metal Albums Of 2020

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Metalheads, here are the most anticipated heavy metal albums of 2020. Featuring thrash, metalcore, progressive metal, and other popular subgenres, these 2020 upcoming metal albums include long-awaited releases from top metal bands, debut albums from new artists, and solo releases from metal legends.

Which heavy metal releases of 2020 can you hardly wait for? From the new Ozzy Osbourne album, Ordinary Man, to King Diamond's The Institute, there are so many good metal albums coming out in 2020. Other famous metal bands releasing new albums include Breaking Benjamin, Demons & Wizards, and the Scorpions (hopefully). There have also long been whispers of a new album from Metallica, which many hope to emerge in 2020, though the band has not announced one at press time. 

What do you think will be the best metal album of 2020? Vote up the albums you're most excited for, and feel free to add any that you think we may have missed.

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