The 67 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2022

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Excited that 2022 has started? Then you're definitely looking forward to all the upcoming 2022 movies that will be coming out. There are major studios releasing 2022 movies like Disney/Pixar's Turning Red, Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder, and 20th Century Studios's Avatar 2. The most anticipated movies of 2022 are sure to "wow" audiences, from major action epics to to hearfelt dramas. 2022 is bound to be a fantastic year for upcoming Hollywood movies.

You might notice a few films that were slated to come out years before but due to COVID-19, they had been delayed and we can't wait to watch them once they come out in 2022. Vote up the movies you're itching to watch and vote down any that you think you'll skip. Be sure to check back as new 2022 movies are added to the list once they are announced and have an approximate release date in 2022.