The Most Anticipated New Shows Of 2020

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If you thought 2019 was TV-rich, get your watchlist ready for the best new TV shows premiering in 2020. Featuring reboots, spinoffs, miniseries, and more, this list of 2020 TV premieres includes new HBO shows, upcoming Netflix original series, and even more additions to the new Apple TV+ and Disney+ services. Of all the upcoming TV shows 2020 has to offer, what were you most excited to see?

Spanning a wide variety of genres, the new TV shows of 2020 included the television adaptation of the comic book series and film, Snowpiercer, the MCU television series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and a live-action remake of the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. Other 2020 upcoming shows included Chucky, Avenue 5, The New Pope, and The Wheel of Time. Whatever your interests, you were sure to find something to enjoy from the long list of 2020 TV shows featuring premiere dates. Just take a look below!

For more of the top upcoming TV series that dropped throughout 2020, check out the list below and vote up the shows you couldn't wait to see.

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