The Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming Fall 2018

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New TV shows premiering fall 2018.

Here all the new TV shows coming in fall 2018. From NBC's Manifest to the re-imagined Magnum P.I., we have all sorts of great television coming our way. 

In short, fans of dramas, sci-fi series, and sitcoms can all rest assured knowing there's a new TV show for you in fall 2018. And this holds even truer if you're seeking dramas, too. Of course, you'll still find family series, crimes, and others on the list as well.

So sit back and relax while we all prep for some new entertainment. Actually, don't. Instead, you can check out the upcoming series below and vote up any you're most looking forward to. In other words, it's your turn to decide what the most anticipated TV shows of fall will be. 

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