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The Most Anticipated Games Of 2020

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While one could make the argument that 2019 was an iffy year as far as new releases go, 2020’s already looking ace. This year’s roster of upcoming games features a range of new entries in long-standing franchises, eclectic new indie adventures, and epic releases of classic titles. With long-awaited sequels like The Last of Us Part II and insanely hyped sci-fi titles like CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, this list is ranking the biggest and most anticipated games of 2020.

While Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all have their fair share of console exclusives, some of the biggest upcoming games of 2020 are available on all three. Which game are you looking forward to the most in 2020? Halo Infinite is looking to boost Microsoft's stock up a notch, while the latest trailer for Diablo IV has gamers drooling for more. Aside from epic RPGs, FPS, and side-scrollers, 2020's also shaping up to be a great year for multiplayer titles, too.

Regardless of which consoles you own, vote up all the video games you can't wait to play in 2020, and check back to see which titles topped the list.