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Updated Mottos For All 50 States That Are Bitingly Insightful

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Each US state has a motto, words that epitomize the core values and spirit of the people and institutions within its boundaries. Alongside official mottos, many states have slogans - some that have been officially branded, others that have developed as colloquialisms.

As mottos and slogans have taken shape over the years, they may or may not really represent a state - especially if you ask the individuals who live there. Mottos and slogans are ideals but, as times change, so do beliefs and practices. 

As a result, residents in all 50 states who hang out on Reddit decided it was time to rebrand where they live. When given the chance, people chimed in with what it was actually like to live in a state, how they felt about it, and what they believed best represented where they call home.

Take a look and decide for yourself which new mottos really capture what your favorite states are all about. 

  • "Nil Sine Numine" has been the motto of Colorado since it was a territory. The exact meaning of the phrase is unclear but it's generally translated "Nothing Without Providence" or "Nothing Without the Deity." A new motto, on the other hand, was easy for u/wavinsnail, however, who offered:

    The only thing higher than our residents [are] our mountains.

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  • "State Sovereignty, National Union" is Illinois's motto, while "Land of Lincoln" is the slogan one sees on the state's license plates. An updated motto from u/Cheesypoooof leans toward the latter:

    Our former governors make our licence plates.

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  • Arizona's state motto is "God Enriches." Residents of Arizona had a couple of options when it came to new mottos, all of which had to do with weather. Of note is the suggestion by u/Revircs:

    Your car will overheat before you start it.

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  • Despite Oklahoma's attempt to make its state motto "In God We Trust" in 2012, the words "Labor Omnia Vincit," or "Labor Conquers All Things," remain on the state seal. If Oklahoma is still looking for an update, one option is:

    We're as country and redneck as everyone thinks Texas is.

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