Cosplayers Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories

Cosplay involves much more than just nailing a character's look; it also includes the experiences you make and the reactions of the people you meet while in costume. Since most cosplayers follow this mentality, it means tons of uplifting stories from cosplayers exist in the world at large. Heartwarming cosplayer stories reveal all the nuances of cosplay no one ever thinks about. Because things like anime and manga still represent a somewhat fringe community for outsiders, many cosplayers recall their favorite memories as ones where someone complimented their hard work. Some of the especially touching cosplayer memories describe moments where their cosplay outfit elicited excitement from the people in attendance. Kids love dress up, so naturally kids love cosplay, and they play an important role in many of the cosplayer experiences detailed below.

But it's not just kids who make these cosplayer memories so lovely; older folks, and even a few famous ones, made sure to let these cosplayers know just how bomb they looked in their costumes. As great as it feels to make your cosplay perfect down to the last thread, it feels even better to know your cosplay made someone else's day/

  • Appealing To Both Young And Old Fans

    Appealing To Both Young And Old Fans
    Photo: Alaizabel Quinn /

    User AlaizabelCray says:

    "I participate in the annual Nisei Week Grand Parade in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and the older people (it's okay for me to say that, I'm older too) in the crowds lined up all along the parade route recognize my cosplay immediately since the characters are more from their (and my) childhood. When their faces light up and they begin clapping and waving at me, it's really satisfying knowing that my costume has brought back some fond memories for so many people. It's even more thrilling when the younger members of the onlookers recognize my cosplay, too."

  • Everyone Loves A Gender-Bending Prince(ss)

    Everyone Loves A Gender-Bending Prince(ss)
    Photo: CruzingQuinn /

    CruzingQuinn said:

    "I cosplayed as gender-bent Coronation Elsa and as I was walking around on the vender floor area there was a little girl with Down's dressed as Wonder Woman. As she turned around and saw me walking her way she screamed 'ELSA!' and ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug!

    That moment right there for me makes it all worth it to cosplay, just the wide-eyed look on her face, yelling Elsa and the big hug, my heart just melted right there! Such a wonderful moment to experience something like that!"

  • Realizing Your Talents

    Realizing Your Talents
    Photo: TitanSlayer000 /

    TitanSlayer000 remembered: 

    "The first time I ever competed in a legit cosplay contest I won second place. Before that I thought my costumes sucked, but then I thought 'Hey, I'm actually pretty okay.' I almost won at my second contest and got first place at a small one after that. So I feel a bit more less worried about my cosplay being bad now that I know I'm capable of making something impressive enough to win a contest."

  • Everyone Loves A Celeb Cosign

    Everyone Loves A Celeb Cosign
    Photo: jdcooper97 /

    Cosplayer jdcooper97 said:

    "I've got two stories. First, my girlfriend and I were in our link and Zelda cosplay and Adam Savage from Myth Busters was across the parking lot and he yelled to us 'I REALLY LIKE YOUR COSTUMES' and gave us a thumbs up.

    The second: my girlfriend and I were in our weeping angel and doctor cosplay and Misha Collins (yes, the Misha Collins) stopped her and took a selfie with her and now she is on his Twitter feed."

  • You Never Forget Your First Compliment

    You Never Forget Your First Compliment
    Photo: Thedadhatter /

    Thedadhatter said:

    "My first cosplay at a convention had my wife, kids, and I flagged down by another con-goer to tell us that one of the actors from The Walking Dead wanted us to come over to his autograph table so that he could get a picture of us. It was so completely unexpected and made our whole day."

  • Making Someone's Day

    Making Someone's Day
    Photo: miainwonderland /

    mainwonderland said:

    "I'm quite new to cosplaying even though I've always loved and wanted to do it. My first cosplay was as Anna from Frozen for a Disney event in Tokyo. I was externally nervous and anxious about my costume not being good enough and my wig falling apart, yet the best moment was when my friend and I were in a subway, in full costume. A little girl came up to us with her mother and shyly asked if she could take a picture with me. As soon as I said yes, her face just completely lit up and the rest of the time she talked to me till we reached our stop. It made me happy that I could make a little girl's day a bit brighter."