Upside Down Movie Quotes

"Upside Down" movie quotes tell the fantasy romance tale of two people in love but unable to be together as they literally live on different planets. Juan Diego Solanas wrote the screenplay for the film and directed it, which first was released in Russia in August 2012. "Upside Down" made its American debut on March 15, 2013.

In "Upside Down," Adam (Jim Sturgess), a smart yet sad young guy, lives on the lower planet of a twin-planet world. The two planets are nearly identical, save for the economic worlds of each--the upper planet being wealthy and the lower in poverty--but habitants of the planets do not move between the planets or interact in any way. Each planet also has it's own equal gravity, the upper planet pulling up and the lower pulling down.

As a child, Adam meets a young girl from the upper planet, Eden (Kirsten Dunst), and they form a romantic relationship. However, one day they are caught together and Eden falls back to her planet, landing on a mountain and suffering brain damage that causes her to forget everything. Adam thinks Eden has died but many years later finds out she is alive. This leads Adam on an epic mission to reunite with Eden even when doing so could have deadly consequences.

If "Upside Down" is a bit too far out there for you, fret not! There are many other movies in theaters at the same time such as "Ginger & Rosa," "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," "Emperor," "Dead Man Down," "Oz: The Great and Powerful," "Stoker," "Phantom," "Jack and the Giant Slayer," "Dark Skies," "Snitch," "Beautiful Creatures," "Escape From Planet Earth 3D," "A Good Day to Die Hard," "Safe Haven," "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III," "Side Effects," and "Identity Thief."

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    Stronger Than Gravity

    Stronger Than Gravity
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    Adam: "Gravity, they say you can't fight it. Well, I disagree. What if love was stronger than gravity?"

    Despite the forces of nature trying to keep Adam and Eden apart, Adam resists the ideas of gravity, insisting that love is stronger than gravity. That may be so but whether love is stronger than the armed police forces keeping the two worlds separate is the better question.
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    I've Been Waiting Ages for You

    I've Been Waiting Ages for You
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    Adam: "Where have you been? I've been waiting ages for you."
    Eden: "My neighbors got robbed. They're saying it's a thief from down below. There's hunters with guns and border patrol trucks."
    Adam: "Are you serious?"
    Eden: "Don't make that face. I made it here, right?"
    Adam: "Well look, as long as you're okay. Hey look, I'll throw it up. All right, ready?"
    Eden: "All right, Adam"
    Adam: "Are you tied on?"
    Eden: "I'm good."
    Adam: "All right, I'm pulling down."
    Eden: "Don't drop me."

    After meeting at the top of a tall mountain, Adam pulls Eden from the upper planet to his below using a rope. Not only does he have to support her weight, but also the gravity pulling her towards the upper planet. Once she's secure under a rock, they share a tender moment.
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    Two Twin Planets

    Two Twin Planets
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    Adam: "I come from the only known solar system with two twin planets, each with its own equal and opposite gravity. Now in our world it's possible to fall up and to rise down."

    Adam explains the fantastical world he lives in, one with two twin planets side by side and with their own opposite gravity. While the planets are twins, they are very different in their economic states with the upper planet quite wealthy and the lower stuck in poverty.
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    Something's Missing

    Something's Missing
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    Group Leader: "Okay, today we have someone joining us for the first time. Hello, Eden."
    Eden: "Hi"
    Group: "Hi"
    Eden: "I'm Eden, Eden Moore. Um, I had an accident when I was a teenager. Everything before that is gone. Sometimes things come back to me in dreams but I'm never sure if they're real or I'm making them up. It's frustrating, you know. I know that whatever's missing, it's in there, but it scares me. Mostly, it just feels like something's missing."

    Eden visits a support group to cope with her memory loss. As a child, she and Adam were caught together in between planets and she fell to the upper planet, suffering brain damage. Now, she tries to deal with the lost of her memory for everything before that fall.
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    Some Kind of Hope

    Some Kind of Hope
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    Adam: "If I could just get my life some kind of hope, well then I'm gonna do it."

    Having lost all of his family tragically, Adam is seeking something to look forward to. That only hope is in Eden, but getting to her could have deadly consequences.
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    Full Separation Between Worlds

    Full Separation Between Worlds
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    Lagavullan: "We observe a full separation between worlds. There is to be no contact with those up top."

    Lagavullan spells out the rules for the separation of the twin planets. Those from the upper don't contact those below and vice versa. These rules are strictly enforced with a zero tolerance for any who disobey them.
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