Unspeakable Times

15 Seemingly Upstanding Members of Society Who Turned Out to Be Monsters

When you think of evil, the people that come to mind are Hitler, Stalin, or the Koch brothers, but you never think of run-of-the-mill folks that act nice and keep to themselves. As you’ll soon find out, a lot of people that were secretly evil were able to keep their terrifying natures a secret by scaring their victims into silence, paying them off, or killing them and hoping for the best. True evil takes many forms, and in many modern cases, the big E rears its head whenever someone is in a position of power over children. For whatever reason, some of the most “normal” people seem to focus on young people as a way to work out their brutal fantasies while putting on a mask for the rest of the world.

These stories of upstanding citizens secretly being monsters make a strong case for not ever trusting an authority figure again. Why be nice to your assistant principal if he probably has a couple of students chained up in his basement? And your favorite athlete? He probably kidnapped a woman while wearing a rubber mask that made him look like an extra from Point Break. After reading about these nightmare people who were masquerading as bastions of society, the only people you’ll want to surround yourself with are the rude and volatile, the people who couldn’t pretend to be someone else even if they wanted to.