Graveyard Shift

Urban Explorers Describe The Creepiest Things They Ever Found Inside Abandoned Buildings  

Matthew Lavelle
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Most people liked exploring their surroundings as a kid. For some, this meant heading into abandoned buildings. But even as adults, people still brave urban environments - and share stories of the creepy things they encounter.

One thing remains constant for those exploring abandoned buildings: they never know what they'll find. Though you might stumble across valuable items during urban exportation - these Redditors discovered everything from creeper observers to eerie remnants of previous tenants. So remember, what begins as a simple feat of teenage fun may soon become a bone-chilling adventure.

A Single Chair, A Photo Of A Nude Woman Without Eyes, And A Bloody Condom

From Redditor /u/self.LetsNotMeet:

I live in North Wales, UK. For anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting, it truly is a beautiful place to live, though, for an adolescent boy, it certainly lacks in things to do. As a result, my friends and I would often find ourselves mindlessly exploring areas of countryside and coastline.

Despite it being quite sparsely populated, in comparison to the closest cities, there is a dual carriageway running right along the coast from Wales into England. Also, train tracks run alongside this road for most of its course, occasionally passing overhead via a small cement bridge.

Anyway, there was one night a few years ago, when about four of us randomly decided to try and explore the inside of one of these bridges, as one of the group had observed a man-hole cover nearby which we believed to be the entrance. On closer inspection, we discovered that several tools would be required to gain entry.

We returned with the necessary equipment and proceeded to unbolt the cover. This had to be done stealthily as the train track was right beside us, not close enough to be of any danger, but definitely a sufficiently small distance to cause panic for any train driver. And panic usually means Police.

It wasn't long before we had removed the heavy steel disc, and had started descending the ladder down into the structure. Once we had all safely reached the bottom, we decided to progress to the other side. At this point, we are totally confined into the narrow space that leads into the main area. If you are confused as to what the hell this 'bridge' is supposed to be, you probably should be, because it was rather peculiar. I mean, I would have never known there was even an inside had we not found the man-hole.

So, as we squeeze and crouch, and at one point scrape along our bellies, to the other side of the structure, there is a growing sense of claustrophobia between us. The distance from end to the other is surprisingly long, but by the halfway point you can look down through narrow gaps in the motorway below. This was actually pretty cool, which helped keep us calm, in a strange way.

At this point, apart from the mild discomfort and confinement, we were still just a group of guys on an adventure. This was about to change dramatically.

No more than a few meters beyond halfway (which we could tell due to the symmetry of the passageways through the bridge), one of us claimed they could see some object in the distance at the far end. Slightly hesitantly, we agreed to investigate. Bad move.

I reached the end first, and let me tell you; I have never felt the same sense of dread before or since. In front of me was a single fold-away chair positioned facing a wall. On the wall was a partially torn page from a newspaper, or a magazine, showing a fully naked lady in an erotic position. The reason I don't just refer to it as 'porn' is because something was different about it; I can't put my finger on it, but it seemed more sinister than sexy, (if that makes any sense).

More disturbingly the eyes of the woman on display had been cut from the page. Removed with precision, not just hastily ripped off. The scene that lay before us had rendered us completely speechless, and an overpowering sense of panic could be felt collectively. That was when we found the condom. The horrendous, gut-wrenching, blood-drenched condom.

Needless to say, we got the f*ck out of there as fast as humanly possible, smashing our knees and shins against the sharp cement edges, that lined the path to the ladder by which we had entered. Of course, we were all praying to God that the man-hole hadn't been re-sealed, as it was impossible to tell until you reached the ladder itself. Thankfully the exit route was clear, and we promptly dashed as far away as our legs could carry us.

I'm sure this ending comes as a disappointment to some of you reading this, as we (luckily) never bumped into the twisted individual who sits in that chair, but I must stress how radically out of the norm this was given where I live. The reason I mentioned the population earlier was with purpose; there is easily enough people here to escape the realms of 'crazy country folk,' yet nowhere near enough people to have someone clearly lose grip on society without somebody taking notice...

I sometimes think, though not recently as I had more-or-less forgotten about that night entirely, about the person who climbs down into that bridge and navigates through the darkness to sit facing a wall and does God-knows-what, that ends up with a condom full of blood. You honestly couldn't envision a more surreal situation.

It has just come to my realization that what we unearthed that night has not once been uttered to another soul. As a naive teenager, it was the type of thing you just wanted to forget, but thinking about we probably should have let the Police, or at least someone know about what was down there because it wasn't the doings of a healthy-minded individual.

He Took Jewelry From Girls While They Slept

From Redditor /u/vaporsynthretrochill:

A group of my friends and me explored an abandoned asylum/mental hospital a couple of years ago in the OKC metro (very unsafe at night for silly college freshman like ourselves). The first experience we had was all of us taking our merry time enjoying the darkness and generally f*cking around. You have to enter through a broken window, and we were all gathered at the window just being dumb when we hear loud, echoing footsteps down the hall running towards us.

We all did that "Who the heck isn't here? Who's messing with us?" look and turn, and after realizing we're all present and none of us are sprinting down the dark abandoned hallways, we booted out of there. The second time, we could hear a group of people messing with us, jumping from around corners and such, but they never got too close (we assumed it was an animal at first, but got brave, and realized it was a person). We managed to catch them and, after staring at a collection of seemingly drugged-up twenty-somethings, who begged us for cans of paint and cigarettes, we got the not-so-good vibes (finally, you say?), and tried to leave. The "leader" of the haunted asylum cronies asked if we had jewelry, which we denied. He then said the creepiest thing I've heard in my life. "I like jewelry. I take it from the girls here when they sleep." We f*cking bolted.

A Secret Dungeon In An Old Nunnery

From Redditor /u/DannyMackerel:

I work as an asbestos surveyor. I regularly have to go through entire derelict buildings.

One time I had to survey an old nunnery, the foundations dated back over 300 years I think. I was down in the basement, and I found a well with a ladder going all the way down, probably about 20 feet. I descended all the way down, and there was this tiny door at the bottom. I realized this obviously wasn't a well-hole. The door leads to a tiny room with no lighting. Inside the room there was a large cross, similar to a crucifix with restraints on it, I can only guess as it was used for some kind of religious exorcism type sh*t.

There were scratches on the walls. The building owner had no idea it was there.

There Is Only One Way To Tell A Human From An Alien

From Redditor /u/raging_a**hole:

We went to an abandoned hospital. There was a large square staircase spiraling up to the roof on the outside of the building, locked steel door at the bottom, so the only way up was to climb on the outside up to the first landing. My buddy boosts me up, I climb over, and there's a sleeping bag with a steak knife next to it on the landing. I call down, "uh, we're definitely not alone here, dude."

"No, but it's cool," says a voice behind me, scaring the shit out of me, and causing me to jump and whirl around. There's a young dirty homeless-looking guy standing there, coming down the stairs from above, hands up palms out. "I didn't mean to scare you." He takes a seat on the stairs, so I carefully step on the handle of the steak knife, lean over the edge, and pull my friend up.

We had planned to sit on the roof and drink beer, so we offer the homeless guy a beer, which he gratefully accepts, and we shoot the shit on the landing for a while. We're talking about the city, the cops, traveling, life in general. He's basically a drifter, been in town for a week or so, but he's a nice guy. Things are going pretty well when he asks, "you guys are human, right?"

"I f*cking hate it when I meet people that end up being aliens, and you never know until you peel their skin off. They've been after me a long time, you know, they don't stop, they never stop. sometimes I think I should just kill everyone to be safe."

He's definitely not joking, and there's an uncomfortable silence as my friend, and I realize this guy is f*cking crazy.

"Yeah man," I say, "we're human, we just wanted to check out the place and drink some beer. We're gonna go ahead and move on now; we definitely don't want any trouble."

He just stares in silence, so we leave him the last beer, carefully back up to the railing, jump down and walk away very quickly, constantly looking back over our shoulders. The entire time, he's just standing there, still and silent, watching us leave.

Five years later, that place is still abandoned, and we've never been back. I'm not a believer in the supernatural, but humans can be deceptive and dangerous in ways you can't see coming.