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According To The Internet, There's Something Strange About This Japanese Kleenex Commercial

Updated July 29, 2021 94.3k views13 items

It seems unlikely that a Kleenex ad could spawn a batch of urban legends that are still in circulation decades later, but that’s exactly what happened after a Japanese Kleenex commercial was yanked off the air in 1986. Some of these legends revolve around the cast and crew (allegedly) suffering mysterious deaths, much like stories surrounding the Exorcist, Poltergeist, and other supposedly cursed movies. In fact, the commercial's tales harken back to Japanese legends in which vengeful spirits terrorize the living.

So how did a seemingly innocent tissue commercial create such unease? Since the so-called "cursed" Kleenex commercial resurfaced on YouTube in 2006, some claim that those who watch it become cursed themselves. What is it about a simple jingle, a woman in white, and a baby dressed as an ogre that brings shivers to so many?