11 Weed Myths and Urban Legends, Ranked

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Cannabis is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs nationwide, with some polls indicating over 50% of Americans have tried pot at least once. Despite its relatively common use, there are a variety of terrifying marijuana myths out there that would make most people second guess indulging. Like many misconceptions about drugs, these urban legends often date back to misinformation distributed during the early days of the War on Drugs that led to widespread moral panic. While no drug is risk free, and educating yourself about the dangers of any substance is important, the stories below wander far outside the realm of documented facts. 

There are some cannabis myths that have been around for decades, such as allegations of reefer madness and the notion marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to harder narcotics. There are also some new myths, born from the days of legalization, such as notions of weed-laced Halloween candy and people trading food stamps for pot brownies. 

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