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The Most Offensive Urban Outfitters Products to Ever Exist

Updated March 5, 2020 334.3k views13 items
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Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy. The brand has made several missteps over the years, from seemingly tasteless clothing to designs that appear to appropriate cultures. These are some of the most questionable items they've ever offered for sale.

  • A Transphobic Greeting Card

    The LGBTQ+ community expressed their disgust after Urban Outfitters began selling this greeting card.

  • 'Navajo' Fashion

    UO ilegally printed the name of the Navajo Nation on a variety of items. The company settled with the tribe in 2016.

  • A 'New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico' T-Shirt

    This tee stirred up controversy in 2005.

  • Ganesh Socks

    The socks feature a design with the image of Hindu deity, Ganesh. The Hindu community was not pleased. In response, UO apologized and pulled the socks.