These Were The Ideal Beauty Standards For Men And Women Throughout The 20th Century

Beauty is fluid. For proof, look no further than the varied beauty and fashion trends popular in the United States in the 20th century. Depending on the decade, the ideal man or woman looked quite different. While men's styles focused largely on clothing rather than their bodies, 20th century beauty trends for women were heavily influenced by the size and shapes of their figures.

As television and film became more popular midway through the century, Americans began looking pop culture and beauty icons for fashion cues. Women pined to look like blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the '50s, and waiflike Kate Moss in the '90s. Men first looked at silver screen stars and later bulked-up bodybuilders as influences.

Some of these fashion trends in the 20th century look outdated to modern eyes. But whether the look was understated and tailored or over-the-top and glamorous, these trends were all the craze at one point. Just remember: beauty was, and is, in the eye of the beholder.