Which First Ladies Do You Think Were Really In Charge?

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Vote up the FLOTUSes you think were basically calling the shots for their commander-in-chief husbands.

If the Greatest US Presidents have basically been America's democratic dads, then certainly the Most Loved First Ladies have been the civic moms diligently cutting the crusts off a fussy public's peanut butter and jelly policy sandwiches. POTUS has been getting all the glory since George Washington, but don't forget that Georgie never would've been a position to kick King George III's British butt if Martha hadn't married him years earlier, giving him access to money and status.

So let's get down to brass tacks and give the first ladies the credit they're damn well due. For all the vain posturing of the average president, you just know many of these political alpha dogs weren't calling as many shots as they'd like the American populace to think. Those shots were being called by their wives.

So which first ladies were actually in charge of the executive branch? Vote below, since it's not like any of these women got to be a on a ballot.

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