The Coolest US Presidential Firsts

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The coolest US presidential firsts are listed here for your voting and educational pleasure. Who was the first president to actually live in the White House? Who was the first bachelor president? Which president was the first to appear on TV? These questions and way more get answered on this list of US presidential firsts. Enjoy these presidential trivia facts that cover everything from the major bases (first president to be assassinated and the first president to resign) to the funnier and wilder famous firsts (who was the first to wear regular pants, for instance?).

The presidents of the USA are members of an elite club, but they all managed to stand out in one way or another. Many of them made history by being the "first" to do things, like President Grover Cleveland being the first president to get married at the White House or President Barack Obama being the first president to publicly support gay marriage. The United States trivia continues with fun facts about American presidents like Bill Clinton (the first to be live-streamed) and Ronald Reagan (the first to be divorced). 

Upvote the most interesting firsts achieved by many of the most famous and influential US presidents. Even if you think the leader is one of the worst presidents in American history, if he was the first to do something neat, give it an upvote!


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    First To Not Own Slaves

    When George Washington was in charge, the precedent had been set that the presidents of the United States could and would own other human beings. In fact, of the first five presidents, four of them were slaveowners.

    The trend, however, took a hiatus with the second president, John Adams, who did not own slaves.

  • First To Nominate A Female Justice
    Photo: White House Photographic Office / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
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    First To Nominate A Female Justice

    While Barack Obama made history with his number of female nominations to the Supreme Court, the trend started with President Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan made history for women's rights when he nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to the court.

  • First To Appoint A Black Justice
    Photo: White House Press Office / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
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    First To Appoint A Black Justice

    While it wasn't until 2008 that America elected a Black president, the president first appointed a Black justice to the Supreme Court in 1967.

    On August 30, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Justice Thurgood Marshall to the United States Supreme Court. He retired in 1991, two years before he passed at the age of 84.

  • First To Argue A Case Before The Supreme Court
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    First To Argue A Case Before The Supreme Court

    While most people don't know that a former president can even argue a case to the federal court, President John Quincy Adams actually did it in 1840.

    The man who had formerly been the Commander-in-Chief and had nominated justices to the Supreme Court ended up making an argument in front of them on behalf of La Amistad captives in the winter of 1840.