14 Presidents With Children Who Caused Scandals

Scan any history book, and you'll find stories about First Kids who got into trouble. The sons and daughters of American presidents have been at the center of scandal after scandal for centuries, though most of the "shocking" details were overblown. It's hard not to sympathize with these children. Presidential families are always under an enormous amount of pressure, but the children, who have to grow up under the spotlight, are truly the ones who suffer from constant public scrutiny.

You might be surprised by these president's children who caused scandals. President Lincoln is widely regarded as one of the best leaders in United States history, but his son Robert was heavily criticized for attending university rather than fighting in the Civil War. And then there's George W. Bush, who was known as a party animal in his youth - a reputation he seemingly overcame by becoming president himself.

The number of controversial First Children is high, but that doesn’t mean that they were all bad people. Some of the so-called scandalous problem children of presidents were nothing more than free spirits who got a bad rap from the media. Others seem like real jerks. Like presidents themselves, presidential children run the gamut from great to catastrophic, and the news and public opinion are likely to hound them either way.