Which US President Matches Your Zodiac Sign?  

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George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama were some of the most historically important figures of their times. Did the zodiac signs of these American presidents guide their decisions? Their drive? Set the path to their respective glories? Clearly every zodiac sign has been president of the United States at some point in history, but it's interesting that the most frequent are Aquariuses while the least frequent is a tie between Aries, Geminis, and Virgos.

U.S. Presidents' zodiac signs may provide insight into the hows and whys of their presidencies regarding both their good and bad qualities. Can Richard Nixon's astrological sign explain his impeachable offenses? Was Thomas Jefferson destined for leadership? From the most ineffective to the highest praised American presidents, knowledge of their zodiac signs might shed new light on their terms in office as well as their legacies.

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As an Aries, Thomas Jefferson was destined to be full of energy and impulsiveness. Born on April 13, 1743, Jefferson showed the determination and confidence characteristic of his sign too. He was an active figure during the American Revolution—he worked as a lawyer and politician in Virginia, served on the Continental Congress, and wrote the Declaration of Independence. Aries everywhere will be proud that he quite literally represented their love of independence

Jefferson, ever the energetic Aries, served as Secretary of State, a U.S. ambassador to France, and as Vice President under John Adams. As the third president of the U.S., Jefferson's quick temper and impulsiveness found a voice in his advocacy for states' rights over that of the federal government as well as in his match of wits with John Adams. 

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An astute Civil War hero prone to excess, Ulysses S. Grant was a true Taurus. Grant, born on April 27, 1822, entered West Point at the age of 17. While he wasn't a good student, he was determined to graduate and serve in the military for four years. During his service, Grant was a drinker—he was reprimanded several times and developed a reputation among his colleagues. Self-indulgence is part of being a Taurus, after all.

During the Civil War, Grant distinguished himself on the battlefield, earning the nickname "Unconditional Surrender Grant." Perhaps his Taurus patience helped him outlast his enemies. He was stubborn and persistent, just like a Taurus, qualities that helped him in battle, but lent themselves to extremes when he became hellbent on bringing about the surrender of Robert E. Lee. As president, Grant was pretty susceptible to outside influences, but his efforts to reconcile the North and the South after the war reflect a practical and well-intended Taurus nature.

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If ever there was a Gemini, it's John F. Kennedy. Geminis are known for being eloquent, lively, youthful, sociable, and fun, characteristics which certainly apply to Kennedy. Born on May 29, 1917, young John Kennedy was raised in a wealthy family whose money afforded him the ability to have fun. But he knew when to be serious too—he joined the Navy and served in World War II before entering politics.

The double-faced nature of a Gemini makes sense when you look at Kennedy, his life, and his presidency. The persona he displayed to the public didn't accurately reflect his personal struggles with poor health, and his propensity for philandering didn't match the picture-perfect image of his marriage. The same is true when one looks at his slow response to the Civil Rights movement or his involvement in Vietnam. With a Gemini, you may never know if what you're getting is completely accurate, and that was certainly true with Kennedy.

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Gerald Ford, born on July 14, 1913, is perhaps best known for pardoning his predecessor, Richard Nixon. Given his sign, it shouldn't be surprising. Cancers are loyal, persuasive, and sympathetic, so it's understandable that Ford found it in his heart to let Nixon off the hook. Or, as Ford asserted, he was acting for the good of the country and in the interest of moving on from Watergate.

Ford's Cancer tendencies can be found in more than just the Nixon pardon, however. He was a well-liked college athlete, Naval officer, and Congressman who, as president, demonstrated some inconsistencies that are characteristic of a moody Cancer. While he was a fiscal conservative, he vetoed numerous pieces of legislation that seemed in line with his ideology. He faced a struggling economy, however, and as a typical Cancer, he was adamant that he should stay "loyal to the country" above all else.

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