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Which US President Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama were some of the most historically important figures of their times. Did the zodiac signs of these American presidents guide their decisions? Their drive? Set the path to their respective glories? Clearly every zodiac sign has been president of the United States at some point in history, but it's interesting that the most frequent are Aquariuses while the least frequent is a tie between Aries, Geminis, and Virgos.

U.S. Presidents' zodiac signs may provide insight into the hows and whys of their presidencies regarding both their good and bad qualities. Can Richard Nixon's astrological sign explain his impeachable offenses? Was Thomas Jefferson destined for leadership? From the most ineffective to the highest praised American presidents, knowledge of their zodiac signs might shed new light on their terms in office as well as their legacies.