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Whether you’re a true believer or not, you’ve probably thought about being abducted by an alien at least once or twice. But where do alien abductions happen? UFO sightings in the United States have been dutifully mapped by the fine folks over at Metrocosm using data from the National UFO Reporting Center, and it turns out that extraterrestrials don’t have a specific part of the country that they normally visit, although it does seem that once they find a place they like, they keep visiting until it’s impossible to ignore their presence. 

Stories of alien abduction in the United States exploded in the mid-'50s after news of Area 51 and reports of flying saucers began to take over the front pages of newspapers across America. For about twenty years, everyone from dorks in Florida to future President of the United States Jimmy Carter was seeing flying saucers. Even though the number of reported alien abductions has died down, reports of Greys and Nordics (two theorized types of aliens) visiting our planet are still showing up regularly.

If you’ve never seen an alien and are keeping your fingers crossed for a chat with a little green man, feel free to use this collection of states with the highest reports of UFOs and alien abductions to take a trip that you'll never forget (unless there's some kind of mind-warping ray we don't know about). 

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One of the most famous alien abductions ever occurred on Nov 5, 1975, in Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber, AZ. Not only was Travis Walton abducted by aliens, but his entire crew of lumberjacks saw the abductee get blasted by a mysterious light. Despite the stigma that's placed on Walton for continuing to discuss his abduction, he still pounds the pavement to tell everyone within earshot about his experience with extraterrestrials. Besides Walton's experience, Arizona is a hotbed of UFO activity that averages about 10 sightings per year

Founded: 1912-02-14

Capital: Phoenix

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Washington state has one of the highest concentrations of UFO activity in America, and the Tacoma area may be one of the best places to visit if you're trying to meet some little green men. According to one woman in the Spokane area, extraterrestrials are coming to Washington and performing tests on its citizens while they sleep. "I turned my head and noticed two [aliens] standing along the side of the bed behind my husband and he had an obviously disturbed look on his face almost as if he could tell they were there."

And if that isn't enough to convince you to move to the grunge capital of the world, on June 21, 2016, two alleged UFOs were filmed flying over Seattle. Maybe they were just there to check out the fish market. 

Founded: 1889-11-11

Capital: Olympia

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For such a small state, there sure is a lot of extraterrestrial activity happening in New Jersey. Maybe it's because New Jersey is super weird. Or maybe aliens just like The Boss. Whatever the case, there have been substantial reports of UFOs in the skies over the garden state, ranging from NFL quarterbacks catching a glimpse of a ship to a mass abduction perpetrated by a group of telepathic aliens with a surplus of cold, metal beds. 

Founded: 1787-12-18

Capital: Trenton

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Some of the most corroborated UFO sightings and abductions have happened in the great state of Illinois. A father and son were hijacked outside of Peoria by a mismatched group of Greys. The aliens performed a series of gland tests on John Sr. and John Jr. before they "bonded" with their mysterious abductors. In less sexy extraterrestrial run-ins, multiple triangular UFOs have been sighted over Ferris Bueller's home state. They're probably just trying to figure out why Hot Doug's closed. 

Founded: 1818-08-26

Capital: Springfield

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