15+ Things You Didn't Know About the US Supreme Court

Trivia about the American government has never been so awesome. Supreme Court Justices declare what is right and wrong in America as the judiciary branch of government and this list of US Supreme Court trivia will entertain, enlighten, and surprise you. These surprising facts about the Supreme Court of the United States range from presidential trivia (surrounding presidents like FDR, Jimmy Carter, and George Washington) all the way to fun facts about the building itself. For instance: which Supreme Court Justice led the fight to get a frozen yogurt machine in the court's cafeteria? Hint: she's still serving today.

These historical tidbits include the court's "totally chill" reaction to religious people taking hallucinogens to their decisions on what "dirty words" comedians like George Carlin are allowed to say on our television sets. Supreme Court Justices are put on display with their personal and political anecdotes being featured on this list. Some of the funniest hearings are also included. For example, did you know the Supreme Court of the United States decided what pickles are and once challenged 95 barrels of "alleged" apple cider vinegar?

What should you know about SCOTUS? Read on to learn all kinds of interesting facts about America's Supreme Court and be sure to upvote the most fascinating Supreme Court facts, from history and today, below!