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A Timeline Of When And Why Every Drug In The United States Became Illegal

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Picture this: you're in a cherry red 1971 Chevrolet Impala, gunning it across the desert along I-15 from Las Vegas. You can't be entirely sure, but it appears there are bats headed your way in a great swarm, soon to be overtaking the "great red shark" you're driving and perhaps whisking you away to another dimension entirely. You've taken cocaine to stay awake for the drive, but that was only because you haven't slept for the last 72 hours, instead bouncing between the chaotic highs of molly and mescaline. 

The guy sitting beside you? A drifter from somewhere in the Florida panhandle, still feeling the effects of the three "powder bombs" of bath salts he ingested last night. For a brief moment, you wonder if he's just a figment of your imagination - or if you're a figment of his. 

But there's no time to dote on these things because you've got a trunk full of nearly every illegal drug in America. This car isn't just four wheels and an engine - it's a vessel from another world, ferrying nightmares through space and time like Charon taking the dead across the river Styx.

To answer your first question - yes, you are freaking out right now.

That's because there is a long list of illegal drugs circulating throughout the United States, all with varying degrees of effects. And in order to keep those highs in check (and those bats out of your hair), the government made sure to criminalize each and every one. When did America make drugs illegal? Many federally outlawed drugs were actually once perfectly legal to purchase and use in America.

If you want to learn when and why possessing substances like cocaine and heroin could lead to substantial jail time, browse this timeline of illegal drugs in America. Click through below to free your mind, stimulate your senses, and hopefully not leave too addicted to anything. 

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