15 Tourists Share The Biggest Culture Shocks They Experienced In The USA

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Tourists: vote up the biggest culture shocks you weren't expecting in The USA.

The United States is a huge country that varies from coast to coast so you may not know what to expect when visiting The USA. Luckily, these tourists have shared their biggest American culture shocks so you'll be prepared for your visit. 

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    "How Are You?" Just Means "Hello"

    From Redditor u/barsknos:

    People kept asking "how are you?" and seemed utterly perplexed when I actually answered literally.

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    Americans Have To Calculate Tax Themselves

    From Redditor u/bad_nugget20:

    Having to calculate the tax before you get to the till. It’s a bummer when you think you have enough to buy something only to realize the price on the product is not the price you pay at the till.

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    There Is A Stunning Lack Of Sidewalks

    From Redditor u/caleeky:

    I'm Canadian. One time I was in the states for business, and a colleague (a local) dropped me off a couple blocks from the hotel because he was going to his gym. I figured no problem and I wanted to walk.

    Nope! Apparently this road goes under a highway and there's no sidewalk. Sidewalk simply ends. There was no way to get to the hotel unless you want to risk getting smushed

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    The Teachers Are Friendly And Helpful

    From Redditor u/AgentNameless:

    The biggest culture shock for me was how down-to-earth, approachable, and helpful American teachers are to students.

    Where I'm from, teachers see themselves as God's gift to the world. If you finally gathered up the nerve to approach a teacher for help, you were practically painting a target on your back to be picked on by the teacher for the rest of the school year because how dare you insult a teacher by suggesting that their lesson was sub par by admitting that you didn't understand their flawless lecture.

    That's why it took me so long to approach my teachers here in the US for help.

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    There Are So Many Lawyer Commercials

    From Redditor u/RegnumRico:

    Lawyer commercials and "if this happened to you, you can sue them" commercials.

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    Everything Starts Early

    From Redditor u/helicoptercic:

    How early everything starts. School, work. 6 am wake-ups. That was hard.

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