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The Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

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Movies have featured a tremendous number of henchmen who are truly terrible at their jobs. While some second-tier baddies end up overshadowing their bosses in fans' memories, many more live to be a punching bag to their evil overlords. From overconfident techie Theo in Die Hard to Kronk’s oaf-with-a-conscience in The Emperor’s New Groove, or even the imposing but ineffective Darth Maul in Star Wars, the following stupid henchmen really take the cake.

You have to wonder why their villainous bosses took on such useless sidekicks in the first place. Which wannabe bad guy is the worst offender?

  • His Boss: Lex Luthor

    His Specialty: Intense loyalty to his boss. That’s pretty much it. 

    Why He Should Be Fired: As Luthor’s assistant, Otis screws up everything he attempts to do and is eventually abandoned by his boss. He’s the hefty idiot henchman cliché through and through.

    • Played By: Ned Beatty
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    Horace and Jasper ('One Hundred and One Dalmatians')

    Their Boss: Cruella De Vil

    Their Specialty: They are highly motivated by money, willing to do whatever will make them a buck.

    Why They Should Be Fired: These bumbling crooks don’t trust each other’s plans enough to focus on the job at hand, and wrongly believe themselves to be too smart to be bested by a bunch of dogs. Only in it for the money, they have no true loyalty to Cruella.

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      Nathaniel ('Enchanted')

      His Boss: Queen Narissa

      His Specialty: Due to his infatuation with the queen, he does anything she asks and accepts his role as her whipping boy.

      Why He Should Be Fired: He is never particularly good at his job, and love is a fickle motivator. Once he realizes his infatuation stems from his insecurity, he turns on his boss and betrays her.

      • Played By: Timothy Spall
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    • His Boss: Captain Hook

      His Specialty: Hype man and confidant. The vain Captain Hook enjoys looking all the more dashing beside his bumbling assistant.

      Why He Should Be Fired: Smee is a great sidekick, but not an effective henchman. He is greedy and cowardly, fleeing when there’s a fight.

      • Played By: Bob Hoskins
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