20 Uses For Coca Cola  

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The uses for Coca Cola are nearly endless and stretch way further than a refreshing beverage on a hot day. From the cleaning applications to the cooking uses and even those in the shower and garden, Coke is much more than a tasty drink. Check out the unconventional and practical uses for cola right here and vote for your favorites below.

Made up of a secret blend of ingredients, Coca Cola is a favorite beverage around the globe. Those same ingredients, however, have a number of uses around the house including for cleaning, like in the toilet, under the hood of your car and in the laundry, rust removal, like to make pennies shiny and new again, and even for smell removal, like when the dog gets sprayed by that pesky skunk.

But the uses for Coke do not end there. You can bake with it, like when roasting meat or making brownies. It will repel bugs, in your kitchen or in your garden. Heck, you can even curl your hair with the sticky sweet substance.

So the next time you grab an ice cold cola, don’t just savor the deliciousness inside, remember all the fun things—Mentos anyone?—you can do with the awesomeness of Coca Cola.
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Rust Removal

While it’s (mostly) gentle on your insides, Coca Cola can do wonders against rust including cleaning rusty metals, loosening bolts and cleaning car battery terminals. Then again, after you realize just how powerful cola is on rust and metal, you might think again about putting it in your body.

• Pour cola on rusted items then wait until the rust is removed.
• Soak coins in Coke to make them shiny and new-looking again.
• Loosen stuck bolts by dousing the bolt in cola and waiting until loose.
• Clean car engines with cola, placing it in a spray bottle to reach tight spaces. Rinse well.
• Shine chrome using a soft cloth moistened with Coke.
• Remove dark stains from pots and pans by soaking them in cola.
• Clean car battery terminals by carefully pouring Coke on the affected areas.
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Mentos Fun

In the way-more-fun-compared-to-cleaning column, cola plus Mentos candy can provide a great deal of incredibly messy good times. As chronicled in multiple Internet videos, when you drop Mentos into a two-liter bottle of soda, magical things happen.

To duplicate the wizardry, open a two-liter bottle of soda, preferably outside or in a space that can be easily cleaned. Open a roll of Mentos candy and drop them in. Step away, unless you want to get covered in sticky soda, then enjoy the chemical reaction as the cola flies toward the skies above.
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Make BBQ Sauce

As easy as it is to buy a yummy BBQ sauce at your local grocer, making your own sauce at home is pretty easy too, especially when using cola as the base. The sugary soda will cook down, leaving behind a sweet and savory taste without the need to add additional sugar. For those looking for a low-carb BBQ sauce, start with Coke Zero for a sugar-free option.

Mix a can of cola with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke and your desired seasonings. Onion powder, garlic powder and pepper are good basic seasonings to consider. Simmer the mixture in a saucepan until it reduces into barbecue sauce consistency. Brush over meats, like chicken or ribs, as desired.
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Roast Meats

In addition to serving as a favorite beverage for millions around the world, Coca Cola has a number of culinary uses, including when cooking meat. The sugary liquid will reduce, giving a nice glaze while the acids and other chemicals will help to tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat.

Add a can of Coke to the pan when roasting a ham or beef roast then occasionally baste the meat with the liquid. For extra tenderization, you can even use cola as part of your marinade, such as when trying to turn a tough steak into a masterpiece. If you’re cooking chicken, empty out about half of a can of Coke then shove it into the cavity of the bird and cook standing up to allow the cola to steam the chicken from the inside out.
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