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30 uses for lemon are just a handful of the ways lemon and lemon juice can be used to clean, deodorize, cook, treat ailments and beautify numerous things. While these 30 ways to use lemon are not nearly all the ways lemon can be used, they are some of the 30 most useful ways to use the citrus fruit.

Similar to the ways to use Coca Cola, lemon is great for cleaning. It’s not included in household cleaners by coincidence as the acidity makes it a great cleaner while the citrus scent leaves clothing, surfaces and even skin smelling fresh and clean.

But lemon is more than just for cleaning the microwave and deodorizing the laundry, it’s also delicious and nutritious. Add some to rice to leave it tasty and prevent it from sticking. Squeeze it over vegetables to keep them from turning brown. Even enjoy lemon on its own or in tea or water to cleanse the body from inside.

Perhaps a list of the things that lemon cannot do would have been shorter, but that’s no fun. Do you love using lemon around the house? Vote for your favorite uses for lemon below or even re-rank this list of the ways to use lemon all right here!
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Deodorize Nearly Anything

Few things smell fresher than lemon which is why lemon makes a great deodorizer for an endless number of things. If you have something stinky, chances are that a bit of lemon can remove the foul odors and leave a fresh, clean smell behind.

• Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and place it in the refrigerator to neutralize stinky food odors.
• Wipe half a lemon on a wooden cutting board to clean and sanitize it, not to mention remove smells like from fish or onions.
• Don’t throw away lemon peels, toss them in the garbage disposal. When you run the disposal, the peels will freshen the smell of your drain.
• Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice in your humidifier to deodorize it and add a fresh citrus scent to your home.
• Simmer lemon peeks, cinnamon and water in a saucepan to fill your home with an amazing scent on a cold winter day.
• Toss a couple lemon peels into your fireplace to reduce that day-after-a-fire smell that can linger in the house.
• Mix lemon juice with hot soapy water to clean trash cans and remove any lingering smells.
• Leave lemon halves in the room where your cat litter box is stored to help neutralize odors.
• Rinse your mouth with a bit of lemon juice for a quick mouthwash. Rinse well though as lemon juice can harm teeth.
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Clean the Microwave

Scrubbing the stuck-on food from your microwave is one of the least fun kitchen cleaning tasks on earth. It doesn’t have to be difficult though with the addition of lemon. Forget the chemicals, which totally don’t smell good when heated, and opt for the natural cleaning properties in lemon instead.

Squeeze some lemon juice in or add lemon peels to a bowl of water then microwave for a few minutes until boiling. Carefully remove the bowl then simply wipe the insides of the microwave clean. The stuck-on food and grease should easily wipe away without scrubbing.
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Lighten Dark Spots

Similar to how lemon is great for keeping vegetables from going brown, lemon is also great for removing dark spots from the skin. It’s no instant miracle to remove dark spots, liver spots or freckles, but it can be safer than over the counter methods which contain a handful of harsh chemicals.

Apply lemon juice to a clean cloth or cotton ball then apply directly to the area you wish to lighten and allow to sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse well, then repeat the process twice daily until the spot disappears.
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Prepare Perfect Rice

It’s common knowledge that cilantro lime rice is delicious but part of the reason that it’s near perfection is the citrus, which makes rice keep from sticking together. Lemon works the same way as the lime, plus adds a fresh flavor to your dish.

Add a half lemon or some lemon juice to the water when cooking rice. Continue to cook as normal then enjoy when the finished product isn’t sticky but is super delicious.
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