VOTE What Are You Comfortable With Your Data Being Used For?  

Ryleigh Nucilli
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In the wake of news that Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm, collected Facebook users' personal data in order to target political ads during the 2016 US election, many on Facebook – and beyond – have expressed their confusion, fear, and indignation about the collection and use of their personal data on the internet. The phrase "Big Data" refers to this collection of personal information, which companies, consulting firms, location services, and law enforcement – among many other entities – use, whether it be to sell a product or to issue an Amber Alert. Put simply: the range of things users' personal data is used for on the internet is wide.

All of this raises the questions: are some uses of user data okay? Are some not okay? What's the dividing line between the two?

If you use the internet in any capacity, then your data has been and is being collected all the time. That said, where do you draw your line in the sand? Which, if any, of the following uses of your personal data are you comfortable with? 

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Using my location to notify me about crimes, child abductions, natural disasters, and other dangers happening near me

22 11
Using my birth date to send me special discounts and coupons for my birthday

23 13
Storing my personal information so autofill can complete forms

12 5
Using my listening history to make new music recommendations

16 11
Using my purchasing history to suggest similar products while I am shopping

11 10
Nothing; no entity should use my personal data for any purpose.

8 7
Using any relevant personal data to prevent terror attacks

16 17
Using my browsing history to tailor the ads that show up on my Facebook and Instagram

10 11
Using my network data across platforms to suggest new friends or connections to me on social networking sites

8 9
Using my location to suggest new transit routes to me

11 15
Using my location and travel itinerary to update me on flight and other travel information in real time

9 14
Using my location to inform me about events happening near me

12 18
Using my purchase and search histories to send me content and offers from similar companies

4 13
Using my voting and political preferences to target me with a specific politician's campaign or platform

3 14
Using my financial history to connect me with credit card lenders

2 12
Using my recent life events to tailor ads and product suggestions to me

2 13
Using stats collected through health and fitness apps to connect me with medical professionals

2 14
Using my location to connect me with possible romantic or sexual partners

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Anything; I don't care what my data is used for.