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18 Interesting V For Vendetta Details That Prove It's Time For A Rewatch

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V for Vendetta is a favorite among movie and comicbook fans alike. With the story's powerful message and brilliant performances, it's definitely not hard to see why. Some eagle-eyed fans managed to catch some small but interesting details that we missed while swooning over Natalie Portman.

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    V Was Played By Four Different Actors

    From u/zeanithx

    In V for Vendetta, four different actors played the role of V. The character itself was originally played by James Purefoy. Purefoy lasted only six weeks into shooting before quitting, saying that he couldn’t continue to wear the mask through the rest of shooting. Weaving was brought into the project, but Purefoy’s scenes were kept and dubbed over to save time and money. Along with Weaving and Purefoy, two stunt doubles were involved with V’s performance. Chad Stahelski played him in the Larkhill scene where the double actually had to walk through real fire and David Leitch, a fight coordinator, played him during the Victoria Station fight, where instead of shooting in slow motion, he moved at normal speed and everyone else moved slowly to save money.

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    Future Tech From The Past

    From u/v0wels

    In V for Vendetta, Finch's anti-listening device is actually a $5 book light from the early 2000s with a red LED instead of a white one.

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    Prothero's Dolls Are A Nod To His Comic Arc

    From u/Snooozie

    In V for Vendetta, before Lewis Prothero was killed by V in his bathroom you can see his doll collection next to his mirror. In the comic Lewis was never killed. Instead V kidnapped him and tortured him by burning his doll collection in front of him and went insane after being released.

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    You Can See The Henchman's Expression In The Blade

    From u/rpm319

    In V for Vendetta - As V throws his knife at Mr. Creedy’s last henchman, for a brief moment, his shocked expression can be seen in the reflection of the blade.

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