V For Vendetta With Jeff Goldblum's Voice Is The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Hear  

Rebecca High

Everybody's favorite dad also makes an excellent man in a mask as long as his voice remains intact. Replacing V for Vendetta dialogue with lines uttered by Jeff Goldblum provides an entertaining voiceover for these select clips, as this entertaining video shows.

V for Vendetta is a 2005 anarchist political thriller, featuring the masked character V (played by Hugo Weaving) fighting a tyrannical government through acts of terrorism, while Natalie Portman's character Evey gets caught up in the mission as they try to evade the detective on their tail.

It's a pretty dark, dramatic film - that is, until The Big Chill and Jurassic Park comedian Jeff Goldblum, who really needs no introduction, comes along to fill in the gaps with some much-needed comic relief. Everything his voice touches is golden, and everything is funny.

Thank you, Jeff: this video is all that anyone needs to get through these trying political times.