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Dogs need vacations, too! Does your dog's face seem to fill with sorrow each and every time he or she sees your suitcase lying out, ready to be packed? Do those big puppy eyes and miserably tucked tail seem to linger in your mind as you venture forth each year on vacation? Well we say, no more! Here we’ve assembled a list of vacation spots for dog lovers which are more than happy to have you bring your four-legged friend along for the ride. We’ve assembled a list of some of the coolest canine destinations in North America including dog festivals, pooch themed sporting events, and even chill places where you and your dog can crash in a cabin after exploring the great outdoors.

No matter what you and you four-legged buddy’s interests are, we’ve got dog vacations for everyone. Do you and your poodle love to listen to live music? Head on up to Woofstock, the largest dog festival in North America! Wish you could hang ten with your Rottweiler? Consider a trip to Del Mar Dog Beach in California where you can sign the big guy up for doggie surf lessons (yes really!). Or perhaps you’ve got a low-rider that dreams of athletic glory? Look no further than the National Dachshund Races, which hold events all across the country.

Whether you’re looking to get out and play or sit back and relax, here you’ll find some of the best dog vacations around. So tell Fluffy to stop hiding in your suitcase and go pack her own because this year you guys are hitting the road as a duo.   
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Teach Your Hound to Hang 10 at Del Mar Dog Beach's Good Kharma Surf in California

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Photo: Tim Buss/flickr/CC-BY 2.0
Wanna turn your little guy into a surfing buddy? Head on down to Good Karma Surf at Del Mar Dog Beach, where you can sign your dog up for a lesson with a certified surf instructor.
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Groove with Your Pooch at the Woofstock Dog Festival in Toronto, Canada

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Photo: blamethecrane/flickr/CC-BY-ND 2.0
Want to check out the largest dog festival on the entire continent of North America? Buckle up your four-legged buddy and head to Woofstock, a free two-day festival in Toronto that regularly draws 300,000 dog-lovers. Your pooch will enjoy doggie speed dating, a stupid pet tricks show, and even a "running of the pugs."
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Get Cozy at the Woof Cottages in Nantucket, MA

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Photo: MadPole/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
Want to curl up with your fur-baby in a cozy cottage? Then the Woof Cottages at The Cottages at the Boat Basin in Nantucket,  MA. Dog (and cat!) guests are greeted with their own basket of treats and toys, water bowls, and of of course a pristine litter box if needed. They'll also enjoy the nighttime comforts of their own Blissful Bed, the ultimate in four-legged comfort.
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Help Homeless Hounds at PawtoberFest in Colorado Springs, CO

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Photo: Lamerie/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0
If your pooch has a heart of gold, why not team up for Pawtober Fest, an annual dog festival that raises money for homeless pets in Colorado Springs, CO. Not only is there an annual walk/run but tons of pet-friendly products, vendors, activities, contests, and more!
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